What services do we offer? 

We take all of your junk and unused items, whether residential and commercial properties. We handle all the hard work. Let us do the labour; this includes loading all of your junk. Your house deserves to be clean. Contact us for our dumping and recycling fees. We offer free quotes, so get in touch today. 

What materials do you handle? 

Our services include practically anything, just not hazardous. We get rid of anything. We can manage. We have dealt with all kinds of junk and clutter. 

Junk We Handle: 

Furniture – Couches, beds, mattresses, armchairs, cupboards, filing cabinets, chairs, tables

Appliances – fridge, freezer, washer, dryer, computer, stereo, printer, TV, fax machine

Storage & Garage – boxes, books, kitchenware, tools, clothes, fireplace, lawnmower, clutter

Garden Waste – tree branches, dead grass, fallen leaves, soil & dirt, sod, compost, turf

Wood – fencing, firewood, lumber, plywood, shed, gate, wood chips, Christmas tree, wooden objects

Construction & Demolition – plaster, drywall, broken patio, pallet, crate, glass, concrete, wall debris 

Roofing & Flooring – tiles, asphalt, carpet, wood, Flooring,

What material we don’t Handle

We are not able to remove any Hazardous Materials:



Motor Oils 


Propane Tanks

Railway Ties 


Medical type of waste.

Give us a call if there are any questions about materials we can remove for you. 

Why can’t we handle hazardous materials?

Unfortunately, we do not have the right documents to be licenced or the correct to carry hazardous materials. Call your local recycling or waste management hotline for further assistance.

Are you insured and licensed?

In unintended harm or injury, we have insurance and licence for our trucks and staff are fully certified and insured. We are also allowed to dumpster dive household and commercial junk. 

Do we offer any moving services? 

Unfortunately, we do not provide any moving services at all. The equipment we use is not suitable for your items to be moved safely. We also do not have insurance for driving objects as well. 

What do you recycle and donate?

We certainly do recycle and donate. We donate furniture, electronics, clothing and homewares to local charities that we feel is safe and reusable. We a lot of focus on recycling all types of materials/ 

For Example




Other Materials

What is included in the costs? 

Waste-Away needs to pay for the costs of transporting the junk/waste. We need to cover our staff for their labour. We also have to pay for the dump fees to dispose of your materials. It depends on the weight of your junk/waste/clutter. 

How do we charge? 

We have our price list, which covers weight and spacing in our trailer.

Why can’t you give me an exact price over the phone?

We can’t do prices over the phone but we can give a rough estimate if you send us pictures of what you need to be removed.

How much notice do you require?

24 hours notice is always helpful so we can set our schedule but we can always try and be accommodating.

Do I have to be at the property to have the job done?

No, if the junk is outside, we can remove it without you having to be there.

What is our truck measurements? 

The dump trailer is 12×6. 

What equipment do you have and use?

we have a dump truck and trailer 

How do we prevent damage to your property?

We are always careful of our surroundings, but accidents can happen in any workplace, and we are fully insured.

What do you do with the junk?

We donate reusable furniture. 


And bring garbage to the dump.

Where is your company located?

Ottawa – we serve all of the Ottawa areas